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St. Camillus Centre

The Centre provides a loving shelter, nutrition and education for orphans and vulnerable children. The Centre’s mission is to keep these children healthy, well-nourished and protected from abuse.

In December 2014, the new orpahage became home to 20 children. The majority of the funding came from The Lesotho Connection, a Tacoma based fundraising orgranizaiton.

In December 2014, the new orphanage became home to 20 children. The majority of the funding came from The Lesotho Connection, a Tacoma based fundraising organization formed by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers..

The Centre also offers support to people in the community living with HIV/AIDS and other at risk groups to achieve independent and productive lives. Programs include income-generating opportunities as well as guidance and education programs to their home-based caregivers that emphasize preventing HIV transmission, adhering to antiretroviral therapy, and improving overall health & wellness.

Responding to the AIDS crisis in Lesotho

Sister Juliana Manale, co-founder of St. Camilus Centre

Sister Juliana Manele, co-founder of St. Camillus Centre

The heart and soul of St. Camillus Centre is Sister Juliana Manele, a Holy Cross sister who gave up cooking duties at her convent to co-found St. Camillus Centre in 2002 in response to the AIDS epidemic. Nearly 24% of the population in the tiny country of Lesotho in Africa was infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, leaving whole villages destitute and unable to care for their own people.

The Centre was established near the village of Mohale’s Hoek to provide training for home-based care givers, medical supplies, nutrition education, plus outreach and education, The Centre has trained over 150 volunteers in more than 40 villages, and has become a valued and trusted organization in the region.

Help for the growing number of orphaned and homeless children

Now, one of the most pressing needs is help for the growing number of  AIDS affected orphaned and homeless children, a few of whom are HIV positive themselves. In December 2014, the children moved into a permanent home built just for them through the fundraising efforts of The Lesotho Connection.


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